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Good and Natural Food

At nonie’s, we are believers in the slow food movement and the philosophy that everyone has the right to good, clean and fair food. This is what we aim to achieve through bringing our processing in house, baking our bread daily, making all our sauces and marinades from scratch, and using only the freshest ingredients possible.

We also strive to be inclusive to those with food restrictions and allergies, giving our customers a place they can trust and feel good to eat at.

Supporting Communities & Highlighting Local Ingredients

Keeping it Local

It all starts with the sourcing and procurement phase. At nonie’s, we work with family owned farms, so we know where our food is coming from and to ensure we are directly impacting the community we live in.

We source within the Philippines and specifically within the Visayas region as much as possible. Our partners outside of this region are verified as either a sustainable, organic or natural source.

Our menu fits in with the seasons and our chefs work with the produce available to truly highlight the beauty of Filipino ingredients.

Nonies Keeping It Local
Nonies Environmentally Sustainable
putting the good in #EatGoodFeelGood

Environmentally Sustainable

We work hard to ensure our fresh produce and livestock are raised and harvested in an ethical and sustainable manner by building relationships with local farmers and visiting the source to understand where our ingredients come from. By specifically sourcing within the Visayas region, this allows us to reduce our carbon emissions, and work directly with small family farms.

Another part of our values is practicing the 3 R’s. We mainly use locally reclaimed wood furnishings in our restaurant and we strive to always use recyclable and bio degradable materials to lessen our impact on the environment, as well as actively reducing waste in our restaurant.


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Our burgers are made with sustainable ingredients and fused with unique methods of preparation. We use locally sourced produce and meat to create delicious dishes that taste fresh and authentic.